Swanage Railway

All aboard the Swanage steam railway…

Swanage Railway events in 2018

Harking back to a time gone by, the much-loved Swanage Railway has posted its events for the coming year. With both steam and diesel powered units pulling the vintage carriages there’s set to be many fans of the railway – old and new – reliving a past that is rapidly beginning to fade from many people’s memories.

For many, it’s the clickerty-clack, clickerty-clack, clickerty-clack of the wheels on the track that takes them back, before a time when the rails were welded together and the expansion gaps that made the distinctive noise disappeared.

For others, it’s the inside of the carriages themselves, complete with wooden window frames, vanity mirrors, posters of maps and seaside holiday attractions, and the old British Rail seat coverings. Not to mention the requirement to pop your hand through a door window to open it at the station. All reminders of a simpler age, and perhaps one where people were trusted more to behave and use their common sense.

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